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  • We offer the best home and garden products
    We offer the best home and garden products
    The products we produce are products that will best meet your needs and make your garden beautiful.
  • We Produce Innovative & Creative Designs
    We Produce Innovative & Creative Designs
    We are proud to serve you with advanced sub-production
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For more than 50 years, Aras Metal’s skilled artisans have handcrafted galvanized home decorations. Combining a traditional artistic touch with modern production techniques; today, Aras Metal is a leading manufacturer of galvanized home décor, garden, floral and tabletop articles.  In its early years, Aras Metal’s production was limited to galvanized pots, pans and buckets that aimed to meet the functional needs of domestic households. Aras Metal evolved in the mid1980’s as the company expanded its product range to include a wide selection of gardening and floral articles to satisfy the international demand. Introducing home décor and tabletop assortments in 2000’s, Aras Metal’s product range reached almost a thousand different products. A global company, today, Aras Metal exports to nearly 50 different countries. Major buyers include companies from USA, France, Germany, Italy, England, and other countries throughout Europe. We continue to expand our distribution all over the world. Now a second generation company, Aras Metal offers gardening and floral items not only in standard galvanized versions but also in other appealing finishes such as copper plating, distressed metal, powder coating or decal transfer and offset printing. All production and finishing being made in-house, Aras Metal is generating dozens of new collections every year in order to serve its valued customers with fresh new ideas. In 2014, Aras Metal expanded is production facility and boasts over 7,500 sqm closed and 4,000 sqm open space. Conveniently located close to both Istanbul airport and seaport, the Aras Metal factory and showroom is easy to visit. With over three decades of international trade experience, Aras Metal is proud to be a leading manufacturer of galvanized metal products with an extensive collection of stylish and high quality articles.

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Watering the plants in the pots

There is advice in the form of a plate full of water under the watering pot from above. This is wrong and harmful. Useful irrigation form is irrigated from the top. The water will wash through the land, going out through the lower holes of the pot. Otherwise, excessive acidification or excessive alkalinity will occur in the soil depending on the quality of the irrigated water (calcined water, mixed water). In addition, the accumulation results in salinization of the resultant basalt. At the top of the water there is no harmful accumulation to the soil because they go out altogether with the water. So this method of watering is very healthy. Substrate impregnation may be necessary in very rare cases, but not necessarily. The irrigation procedures I mentioned here are actually suitable for new potted special pot lands. In real natural soils soil washing is not easy and there can be damage as well. Plant nutrients and artificial fertilizers are rarely used or even not used at all in real soil.

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Salon / Office flower care

Issues such as saloon, house, indoor space, office ornamental plants need attention, problems and solutions. First of all, are you trying to grow indoor, office, living room plants at home or some other kind? It is well known. Some species need constant winds and never adapt to home and office conditions.

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To prepare soil that does not kill indoor ornamental plants

Home, office ornamental plants have different desire for soil. But the appropriate land used in the greenhouses can rots the roots in other environments. On this page you will learn how to prepare the safest land. Because there is good hot ventilation in the environment like greenhouse, air circulation in the soil used in the pots is easy. But it is impossible in other indoor areas in harder and cooler times. Formation such as gelation in the soil content that does not dry at all in a cool environment, which holds the water, also makes it difficult to air dry the soil. In houses, plants can kill plants by decomposing the roots. In this article you can read the most suitable soil recommendations for home-office environments.There are two reasons why the soil that develops the plants in the environment is refuting the roots of plants in the home and office environments.

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