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Watering the plants in the pots

There is advice in the form of a plate full of water under the watering pot from above. This is wrong and harmful. Useful irrigation form is irrigated from the top. The water will wash through the land, going out through the lower holes of the pot. Otherwise, excessive acidification or excessive alkalinity will occur in the soil depending on the quality of the irrigated water (calcined water, mixed water). In addition, the accumulation results in salinization of the resultant basalt. At the top of the water there is no harmful accumulation to the soil because they go out altogether with the water. So this method of watering is very healthy. Substrate impregnation may be necessary in very rare cases, but not necessarily.

The irrigation procedures I mentioned here are actually suitable for new potted special pot lands. In real natural soils soil washing is not easy and there can be damage as well. Plant nutrients and artificial fertilizers are rarely used or even not used at all in real soil.