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With every Aras Metal purchase, you actively contribute to our mission to reduce plastic use.

Metal is Eco-Friendly


Metal Recycles Forever

We proudly collaborate with the global non-profit Metal Recycles Forever, allowing consumers and stakeholders to understand how Aras Metal contributes to the circular economy. The Metal Recycles Forever™ mark reflects our dedication to the continuous metal recycling loop, placing Aras Metal at the forefront of the circular economy.

At Aras Metal, we are dedicated to sustainability across every facet of our business and manufacturing.

 Why? Because it’s the responsible choice. Traditionally, steel has been valued for its durability, strength, and versatility in crafting various useful products. Today, while these qualities remain pivotal, we believe there’s more to consider in our commitment to a sustainable future.

Opt for steel over plastic pet dishes. Chemicals from plastic can leach into your pet’s food and water. Aras Metal’s Galvanized Steel Dish is more durable, 100% recyclable, and avoids the cracks and crevices that can harbor unhealthy bacteria.

A Greener Alternative to Plastic Planters

Why choose steel? Unlike plastic, which may introduce harmful chemicals into your food and soil, Aras Metal’s Galvanized Steel Bushel Basket is more durable, 100% recyclable, and free from petrochemicals.

Aras Metal's Sustainability Initiatives

Walking the sustainability talk, Aras Metal actively supports the positive attributes and image of the Metal Recycles Forever mark through environmental and technical initiatives.

Our mission is to establish steel as the premier choice for containers. Aras Metal proudly offers highly durable, weather-resistant, chemical-resistant, and rodent-resistant products—all 100% recyclable. When our metal products reach the end of their lifecycle, the materials are collected and recycled seamlessly, preserving their inherent properties.